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Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors

Salar Mustafa Hakim
No.of shares : 39,600,000,000 share
Mohammed Sh. Abdulrahman
no.of shares : 39,600,000,000 share
Bustam A.Al Janabi
no.fo shares : 500,001 share
Mehdy Fadhel Al-Ubaidy 
no.of shares: 10,440,000 share
Tareq Mohammed Ahmed Al-Omer
no.of shaers : 95,670,000 share
Ezzed-Din Behmed Abdullah
no.of shaers : 133,333,333,334 share
Hasan Muman Abdulwahab Ahmed
no of shares : 826,666,667 share
Numan Hussein Ali
reserve director
no.of  shares: 186,667 share
Numan Abdlwahab Ahmed
reserve director
no.of shares : 480, 000,000 share
Hasan Syamend Aziz
reserve director
no.of shares : 133,333,333,334 share
Sawarh M. Hakim
reserve director
no.of shares : 39,600,000,000 share
Saeed Saleem Zubair
reserve director
no.of shares : 133,333,333,334 share

KIB has adopted strategies approach to banking services with a clear vision to be a leading banks on national and international levels and playing front role in the growth of the local economy and the development of banking and financial activates. These strategies have attracted more deposits and money and were channeling them in-to cash flows made available for business in various sectors.

In addition, by providing diverse financial and investment services in various sectors within the framework of comprehensive banking reaching out to individual businessman ,corporate and investment including all Islamic banking products and instruments like Murabaha, Mudaharaba, Musharaka. The bank policy, by adopting an approach of transparency and good governance, were reflected in the clarity of objectives, adoption of appropriate policies, and establishing organizational supporting structures to maintain implementation and good performance of the Bank. Also, it has attracted a number of experts and advisors as well as staff with expertise and competence.

The bank`s organizational structures includes the general assembly of the shareholders and its sub-committees, the Board of Directors, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Deputy Chairman, the Managing Director, Advisors, Experts, Senior Executive Management, and various committees, in addition to the External Statutory Auditor and the other support functions.

The Board of the Directors performs the required administrative, financial, planning, organizational, and technical functions of the Bank, bearing in mind its responsibility in managing the business, drawing-up the operational strategies, policies, and the overall direction in conducting its business. Furthermore the Board in exercising its oversight, it has set-up a number of appropriate structures for implementing its strategy including internal controls, risk management standards, hedging, investment policies, and liquidity management. In order to full-fill its duties the Board has also mandated some of those responsibilities to a number of committees to assist the Board in performing its functions as a non-executive and a part-time member from the Board of Directors or Advisors heading each committee. Namely, the following committees assist KIB Board:

  • The Committee of Recruitment and Incentives ,
  • The Credit and Investment Committee ,
  • The Risk Management Committee ,
  • The Liquidity Committee,
  • The Review Committee,
  • The Anti-Money Laundering Committee,
  • Committees of Procurement,
  • The Shariah Law Committee which monitors compliance with the principles and fundamentals of Islamic Banking.

Also, the Bank has developed the organizational structures to absorb the expansion in the bank’s business and activities and a keep abreast with developments and new technologies in the banking industry.
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