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-KIB MasterCard   

-No bank account required  


Information about Gift card


1-Each card is sold at (value of card+5,000)


30,000 + 5,000 = 35,000

60,000 + 5,000 = 65,000

120,000 + 5,000 = 125,000

200,000 + 5,000 = 205,000

2-It can only be used online.

3-Your card can be  used unitl you finsh the balance , then plastic card can be discard.

4- No need to open a bank account.


How to use your Gift Card


-Your card is accepted wherever you see Master Card logo(online).

-Gift card with the value of 30,000 has only 30,000 credit not 35,000, same goes for the other volumes.

-exchange rate will be conuted on your transactions.

-KIB Master Card charges you the amount of %3 on every transaction e.g. on a 30,000 you will be charged of IQD 900.



Your new KIB MasterCard card

Thank you for choosing Kurdistan international Bank MasterCard card. It is your introduction to an easier and securer banking throughout the world. This MasterCard card can be used any where you can find MasterCard logo. KIB has used the latest CHIP and PIN technology that gives you certainty.


Your card works like a cash. That is why you do not have to carry large amount of cash any more. You can access to your account 24/7. You also can use it to make deposits, withdrawals, and transfer as well as additional Kurdistan International Bank.

Find out how you can benefit your Debit MasterCard

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Cashless Spending

Any time you use your card, the amount immediately will be deducted from your account. You can enjoy speed and convenience in your daily spending by paying without cash.



Accepted Across Iraq

Your MasterCard card is accepted by thousands of commercial institutions that includes verity of commercial center and travel agents in Iraq. You also can use it at hundreds of ATMs belonging to Kurdistan International Bank all over Iraq.



Accepted Across the World

Travel the world and fell free to use your MasterCard card. You get access to 24 million retail outlets and 1 million MasterCard ATMs all over the world through the use of this card.



Make Purchases through MasterCard card

Your MasterCard card is accepted all over the world. It allows you to make purchases easily. you can make purchases up to the maximum limit specified on your card mailer, as long as you have sufficient funds in your account, or you are within your agreed overdraft facility (if applicable). If you want to shop in Iraq or abroad, just look for the MasterCard sign at the merchant establishment. Before making the purchase, follow these steps:



  • Give your MasterCard card to the merchant.
  • The merchant will place your card into the POS terminal and enter the amount of your purchase. The card will remain in the terminal until the transaction is complete
  • The merchant will ask you to enter your PIN (this is the same PIN you use to withdraw cash from ATMs). Do not let the merchant to see your PIN code.
  • Once the transaction is approved, your card will be returned to you with a sale receipt and the transaction will appear on your bank account statement
  • Your purchase is now complete and the transaction amount will be debited to the designated primary account linked to your debit card


Although most commercial institutions in Iraq and around the world are fast-replacing their terminals with CHIP and PIN terminals, not all merchants will be equipped with CHIP and PIN technology.



You do not have to worry about this as your MasterCard will still work. Your card will be swiped on the POS machine and, once the transaction is approved, you will be asked to sign on the receipt to confirm your purchase.



Cash Withdrawal

Your MasterCard card allows you to access and control your money locally and internationally.



You can withdraw cash from any KIB ATM or any ATM displaying the MasterCard logo in Iraq, or at over one million ATMs worldwide displaying MasterCard by insert your card in the ATM slot and follow the steps as guided on the screen.



Additional Card Services

Through Kurdistan International Bank ATMs you can:



  • Activate your KIB MasterCard card
  • Check your account balance

Contact the Bank
KIB-Master Card
-Customer services
8:30  till  3pm
066 211 2020

KIB-Master Card
-emergency only
0751 115 1215  


Useful advice for the safe use of your card.



  • Using MasterCard card to pay will save you from the danger of carrying huge amount of money and helps you to control and manage your spending.
  • Never leave your card unattended.
  • Sign the back of your new card as immediately after receiving it.
  • Check your card after receiving it back to make sure that it is yours.
  • Check your statement regularly and contact us immediately if you notice anything suspicious on your statement.
  • Always keep your contact details up to date, including your mobile number. Your mobile number is required for card activation and PIN reset.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, contact us immediately on (+964)662112020 to report it.
  • Please do not provide any financial, personal, debit or credit card related information to an unknown internet site or respond to any email seeking such information from you.
  • When reporting a lost or stolen card, you will need to verify your identity as the cardholder on the phone. You will also be required to confirm your identity in writing to the bank.


Answer of your questions









What is a debit card how will it benefit me?
Your KIB debit card is a card displaying the MasterCard logo and allows you to instant access to funds in your account and /or any agreed overdraft facility on your account. Your card will help you manage your finances and monitor your spending, as all transactions made with your card will appear on your bank account statement(s).
What is the difference between a Debit Card and Credit Card?
A debit card is a buy now, pay now option, while a credit card is a buy now, pay later option. Therefore when you use your KIB debit card, there will not be a monthly charge on outstanding balances and hence no interest be charged.
What is new about this debit card?
As your safety and convenience is our top priority, KIB provides you with the latest global card security features. The CHIP added to your card will ensure that your debit card cannot be counterfeited, while the introduction of PIN as an option to verify purchases will guarantee that only you will be able to authorize purchases made by using your card.
How will I receive my card?
For further convenience, your MasterCard card will be given to you through one of our branches along with instructions about how to activate your card.
What should I do before I use my Card?
You should activate your card and generate your card PIN number before first use by following the instruction printed on the back of the card mailer. After successful activation, you can use your card in supermarkets, restaurants and other centers that display the MasterCard logo around the world.
Is it mandatory for me as a customer to have a mobile number?
Yes, you also need to ensure that you always keep your mobile number updated on our records, as the bank will send you SMS on every transaction.
Can I use my old PIN number for my renewed card or I have to create a new PIN?
Yes, you can use the same PIN number for your renewed card while you are activating the card. Please refer to the detailed instructions on the back of the card mailer attached with your renewed card, or call us on(+964)662112020.
Will my renewed MasterCard card have the same number as my existing card?
No, you will get a new MasterCard card with a new card number.
What will happen to my existing MasterCard card after I receive my renewal for existing debit/credit card?
When you receive a new MasterCard card from KIB, your existing card will be automatically de-activated after successful activation of the new card. Please make sure to destroy your old debit/credit card by cutting it diagonally before disposal (if the old card was not already activated).
Where can I use my MasterCard card?
You can use your KIB MasterCard card to shop worldwide wherever the MasterCard logo is displayed. This includes over 27 million commercial centers worldwide. You can also use it to get cash at ATMs that its logo is displayed on the back of your card. It includes over 1 million ATMs in more than 210 countries and territories.
Are there any daily restrictions on the use of my MasterCard card?
Your card enables you to spend up to the daily purchase limit and daily withdrawal limit from ATMs, mentioned on your card mailer, as long as you have sufficient funds in your account or you are within your agreed overdraft facility.
Will my MasterCard card transactions appear on my statement of accounts?
Yes. When you make purchases with your debit/credit card, the transaction will appear on your statement, along with deposits, processed cheques, ATM withdrawals and other transactions. Having all your transactions on one statement will help you mange your account balance better.
Will I be charged extra for using my MasterCard card abroad?
Since you are using your card in a currency other than your account currency, the transaction amount will be converted to your account currency on the day it is debited to your account. The exchange rate used is determined by MasterCard. Please note that there is a currency conversion fee for all foreign transactions. Withdrawal of cash from abroad ATMs will also incur an international ATM withdrawal fee, which will be detailed separately on your statement.
Will the PIN number that I use for my purchase be the same as the one I use to withdrawal cash? And is there a risk that other people might easily see my PIN while entering it at merchant terminals?
Yes, you will use the same PIN number to pay for your purchases and withdraw cash from ATMs. You should be careful when entering your PIN to protect it from being viewed by others by using your other hand whenever possible and try to not enter your PIN if you are watched.
What happens if I type my PIN incorrectly at a merchant terminal or ATMs? Will the merchant terminal or ATM capture my card?
As a security measure to protect your card from misuse, you only have two consecutive chances to enter your PIN incorrectly even if it is at three different merchant terminals or ATMs. Two wrong PIN attempts will lock your PIN and your card will be temporarily unusable. You will have to call us on (+964)662112020 to unlock your PIN. DO NOT use your debit/credit card before unlocking your PIN, as a third wrong PIN attempt will have your card captured by the ATM.
What should I do when I cannot remember my MasterCard card PIN number?
You need to call us on (+964)662112020 and a call center agent will guide you through the steps needed to request your new PIN. It is very important to completely verify yourself as the cardholder on the phone. Otherwise, the call center agent will not be able to help you.
Can I receive SMS alerts whenever I use my MasterCard card ?
Yes. You will start receiving the SMS alerts on your mobile phone regarding your transaction.
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