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KIB aims to distinguish its self to be a pioneer in all fields by diversifying and offering quality services and products that suits customer’s requirements and needs in terms of standards of efficiency and cost effectiveness with a clear vision to meet financial requirements of various sectors of the economy and keep abreast with the technical developments in the banking industry
with the view to contributing to the economic development in Iraq generally and in the Kurdistan Region especially as a strategic objective under the motto(Continuous development, Innovation, Confidence, Security, Reputation).

KIB services have geographically expanded, improved the quality of banking services and increased the number of its customers and market share by opening new branches and offices in Sulaimaniah, Duhok, Baghdad and in airports besides the new headquarter in Erbil. The HQ Building consisting of (10) floors, in addition to (2) other floors operating as stores and fortified safe room, and being the biggest bank building in Kurdistan Region and in Iraq. KIB have also set up a training and development center for its staff. In addition there is brokerage office to deal directly with the Iraq Stock Exchange as well as headquarters of other KIB subsidiaries.

KIB has also bought the building of the Bank in Sulaimaniah which is in the middle of the main business street of the city, and work is in progress to complete a new building for Duhok branch. It is worth noting that KIB has been covered by the Investment Law of Kurdistan Region.

The Bank strives to put its marks on the growth of the local economy by encouraging Investments and Projects in Iraq and in the Region particularly, supporting small and medium size projects.
KIB continues its Murabaha activity by selling Taxis and small Buses whether in cash or installments to support a large segment of society by the employment of labor, modernize transport services, and improving the environment.

KIB is continuing to developing its banking relations with the correspondents abroad and close relations with sound global banks in many countries to deal directly with these correspondents especially to facilitate external banking transactions such as LCs, LGs, and foreign remittances, and transfers of foreign currency in accordance with regulations and instructions issued by the Ministry of Finance, and the Central Bank of Iraq, as well as the Regional Central Bank, and laws governing money laundering.

Moreover, the surplus funds were invested with correspondents in compliance with the Islamic Banking, at the same time KIB has opened new branches and bureaus in Kurdistan Region and Iraq in general to extend its network of retail banking.

For optimum utilization of resources with best returns on investments, KIB consider to provide finance in accordance with the usual credit standards of risk management and hence maintaining balance between volume of deposits, capital, and reserves on one side and volume of finance and credit granted on the other side, hence achieving optimum utilization of assets. In addition to protecting depositors and shareholders’ funds, KIB observes full compliance with rules and regulations issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, including anti-money laundering, requirements and capital adequacy standards, Basel II & III resolutions, and legal reserves in order to maintain acceptable cash flows to avoid risks and preserve depositor’s funds, and optimizing cash management with the view to achieving good returns on invested funds. The capital adequacy ratio in terms of risk-weighted assets amounting to 122%.

KIB is working diligently to issue Credit Cards to its customers who are already Visa Card holders which the bank started issuing them in early 2012 . KIB also is working on issuing Master Cards during 2014. It is worth noting that KIB have started using a variety of up-to-date techniques for customer’s business such as adopting (RTGS – ACH) systems, and preparations are underway for the introduction of E-Banking which will offer customers to facilitate their operations without the need to visit the Bank and in compliance with the instructions of the Central Bank and laws governing money laundering.
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