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 The Kurdistan International Bank for Investment and Development (KIB) is a leading Bank in the Kurdistan Region and
 one of the most successful Islamic private banks in Iraq. The KIB was established in 2005 as a private sector joint- stock company by a group of prominent Iraqi businessmen including well known bankers and financiers along with the participation of five major Iraqi private banks .

KIB is listed in the Iraqi Stock Exchange and currently has a paid-up capital of 100 billion Iraqi Dinars , however in accordance with the Central Bank of Iraq's direction to raise bank’s capital to 400 billion Iraqi Dinars. KIB tries to meet the new capital requirements within three years.

Bank Statement

Since its corporation, the KIB aims to be a pioneer in the field of banking services in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq , by providing world-class services to customers while maintaining the cost of these services at reasonably competitive rates . In addition, the KIB follows the clear vision to meet the requirements of important economic sectors and keeps abreast with the technological developments in banking industry and hence enabling the KIB to make contributions towards the reconstruction and development process in the Kurdistan Region in particular and Iraq as a whole , following the motto :

Continuous Progress, Trust, Reputation, and Creativity

As a guide for its aim to serve the customers in all major sectors of the economy , while bearing the quality of services provided in mind.

Corporate Governance

Therefore , the organizational structure of the Bank is based on Corporate Governance , adopting and integrating core banking systems and transparency as well as control methods presenting data and information to protect shareholders' interests and all stakeholders' dealings with the Bank in the best possible ways . The Bank's organizational structure includes the general assembly of the shareholders and its sub-committees, the Board of Directors , the Chairman of the Board of Directors , the Deputy of the Chairman , the General Director, the advisors, and the senior executive management ,and various committees, in addition to external statutory auditors and other supportive functions.

Bank’s Banking System

Bank is working on building banking foundation through the use of advanced technology and for the purpose of offering services. Through the implementation of the banking system, money transformation takes place in a few moments due to the availability of advanced and protected machines and programs. The bank uses the most advanced Oracle DP program backed up by secure and fast servers to assure the accuracy of the time of money transformation.

Bank Network

The bank branches have been tied together through a network. International financial Deposit letter, deed authorization, and money transformation will take place through a network in SWIFT. That is besides the money transformation that takes place through Western Union centers. Customer service in the bank supervises the Western Union locations within the bank’s customer network. Also, the bank tries to open 20 more centers of Western Union throughout Iraq to expand its services.

KIB is the only Western Union agent in Iraq and Kurdistan. The bank transfers money through Western Union to more than 500,000 offices in 200 countries entire the world.

Bank Services

The offered services will be for all individuals, companies and investors.

  • Accountancy (In IQD, USD, Euro, ….etc)
  • Saving Accounts
  • Certificate of deposit
  • Issuance of bank support and deed and financial transformation
  • Issuing local guarantees
  • Confirmation of import and export guarantees
  • Insuring local and international letters of credit
  • Providing developed banking system through internet and SWIFT network
  • Transformation of money in a fast way through Western Union
  • Buying and selling foreign currencies
  • International income and outgoing financial transformation
  • ATM service to withdraw IQD and USD through the use of a card and Visa Card, MasterCard, Ai Max and other types of insurance cards will be issued.
  • Investment in tourism, industrial, agricultural, commercial, residential, contractual, banking service projects.
  • Playing a role of mediator to exchange the shares in Iraq Stock Exchange Market
  • partnership in local and foreign companies’ investments.
  • Participation of rebuilding the national and international assurance and investment companies
  • Subscribing shares of local and foreign companies
  • Commercial investment in the companies belonging to the bank or investment in normal sectors
  • Now you can have your own safe box at the Kurdistan Internationl bank to deposit and keep your stuff in safe in Duhok branch.
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