To our dear custumers
We kindly ask your good selves to visit swift department receive the new instruction about the incoming payment in USD.

Kindly be infrom that our usd correspondet was changed from turkey is bankasi to the new correspondentes listed below
Correspondent bank in USD
TURKIYE HALK BANKASI- TRHBTR2A - TR03000120098880004Y001013

Correspondent Bank in USD
AKTIF YATIRIM BANK - CAYTTRISXXX - TR270014300000000004021590

This system is one of the supplementary systems in the world, meanwhile it's using in all financial institutions and bank fields; it's one of the safest systems for doing all the bank transactions among all the banks according to the indoor and outdoor certain security bricks.
Our bank uses its own special system and it's known as kibiiqba Swift code.

Also we have a new prepared project to provide the swift code for the other branches and each one is different from the other.

Anyone who does the banking transfer has to tell us this information:

  • Beneficiary Account Number.
  • Beneficiary's name.
  • Beneficiary bank name.
  • The bank's swift code.

  • And after the completion of privet financial transaction by swift system. Which's doing by the beneficiary bank or the bank that does the process of transferring and this bank also transfer it to the beneficiary bank all by the same system which is swift system.

    There must be these conditions and provisions to prevent money laundering operation, because the process of transferring is under the monitoring of the central bank of Iraq.

    At the same time the swift system in our bank is connected to the world money laundering system and there is a list with the five prohibited names which are connected to the office of foreign assets control.

    • United nations
    • England Bank.
    • Central bank of Iraq.
    • European Union

    This list is always updating and they connected to the swift system.
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