Visa Card

Visa Card

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Welcome to the world of (KIB) Visa Classic Card.

It’s a world that enables you to make purchases easily,  without the need to carry cash. Secured using the latest technology.
This card has an embedded microchip that provides a high level of security and convenience.

KIB is proud to be the first bank in the KRG that obtained Visa Inc. Principle license.
Your KIB Visa Card is welcomed in millions of locations around the world.
Visa Cardholders can use their cards in different outlets such as ATMs, POS, online.

Manage you’re  spending with KIB’s Visa Card :
You can control how much you want to spend on the card by transferring the amount from your personal account to your visa card account.

Accepted worldwide.
Direct deposit
Free monthly secured statement
Free SMS.Alerts after every transaction
No minimum  balance required. 
No monthly fees or finance charges
Access your visa card balance anytime through our (ATM)

One time processing fees valid for two years (50,000IQD) only lost card replacement fees:( 50,000IQD)
Urgent deliver within (5) working day  (150,000IQD)

The Requirements:
Photo( 2)
Iraqi identity
Iraqi certificate identity
Passport or other personal identity
Email address & phone number
Residency identity 
•      Informatin card

In case you lost your Visa Card:
In case you lost your Visa Card you have  to send an e-mail to our bank’s e-mail address ( &( and the bank will deactivate your card immediately.
Cardholders must call or e-mail the bank if they noticed any transaction they didn’t make and the bank will investigate about it.

What are you waiting ? Get Visa Card from KIB

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