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January 01, 2015

Western Union achieved a great success

According to Kurdistan International Bank’s data, from 2013 to 2014, 140,000 people have transferred money from the Western Union department in Kurdistan International Bank. It means that Western Union System has achieved a great success.

Kurdistan International Bank cooperates with the entire countries in the world, especially with (Turkey, The United States of America, Lebanon, Hind, Nepal, Germany and United Kingdom). That is due to the high demand.

Customers can through Western Union in 18 branches of Kurdistan International Bank in four governorates, Erbil, Slemany, Duhok, and Baghdad, receive their money.

Western Union in Kurdistan International Bank can send money in a fast and accurate way to the entire world except, Afghanistan, Iran, and Israel on through a person to a person system.

Western Union is an international system that has more than 500,000 branches in the entire world. And Western Union system was brought to Kurdistan for the first time by Kurdistan International Bank.

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